They talk about La Tulipe Rouge!

The winemakers talk about La Tulipe Rouge!

"I really appreciate your work, your ability to taste a wine and not "a name", a domain etc. It is indeed very difficult to remain objective, when one has made friends with a winemaker, not to mention him in a magazine or a guide, and it is also very unfair not to mention a wine when it deserves to be mentioned. For all this, thank you for our wines, thank you for your work of research and discovery." 
L.V. - Corsica

"Congratulations to you and all your team for having succeeded in these different wine guides. The comments make it possible to situate the wines described well. The work you have done has been considerable." 
C.V. - Rhone

It is the word "accuracy" that I keep from reading the different regional guides. This word has probably lost its original meaning or value, but it is a refuge to guide and comfort wine lovers without complacency, without pretence. 
A.B. - Burgundy

"The initiative is excellent to promote the wines selected and highlighted in different regions." 
C.N. - Languedoc

"We have always tried to keep a distance from anything that could influence the journalists who judge our wines. We don't buy advertising, we rarely participate in trade shows, etc... The ethics of your approach immediately convinced us. We will register our domain and wish you a great success! 
S.L. - Champagne

"Bravo for this freedom of tone!
B. - Champagne


Fans talk about La Tulipe Rouge!

"Thank you for this beautiful work that serves the amateurs ". 
G.B. - Languedoc

"Thank you for combining your expertise and professionalism with this beautiful idea of sharing. Long live La Tulipe Rouge! 
A.S. Provence

"Promoting local wines is an excellent idea, especially considering the great effort of the winemakers! Bravo."
Good luck to the creator of La Tulipe Rouge."
C.N. Languedoc

"As a wine enthusiast and president of a wine tasting club, it is always a pleasure to discover new selections of beautiful bottles." 
R.V. Nouvelle Aquitaine

"Hello, Finally a Guide with a selection at reasonable prices... can't wait to discover it!" 
A.R. Hauts-de-France

"I'm always looking for new nuggets from my region. A.B. - Occitania

"Hello, I'm a wine lover and I organize small tastings with friends. This guide seems perfect for an evening theme. Thank you for your work " R.D. Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Professionals talk about La Tulipe Rouge !

"Hello, I am looking for producers from Burgundy to complete my portfolio. Thank you for the help " 
B.B. - Caviste Centre

"We are a fine wine investment company always looking for new producer with a strong identity in the organic wine" 
L.N. - Importer UK

"Hello, I am looking for a producer from Bordeaux to propose our products in the trad and CHR circuit". 
B.B. - Sales agent Normandy

"I am responsible for the development of wines and spirits for the distribution group in the Centre region, a bit of Burgundy and the Paris region". 
H.P. Agent France

"A big thank you! Your work is important and valuable. I prefer it to all the guides with only the flagship domains (always the same ones, always the same hierarchy). I see a worldwide homogenization of rankings. Your work is closer to reality. Very good. Sincerely " 
B.S. - Swiss Importer

I would like to thank you for your "discovery before potential purchase". 
H.C. - Wine merchant Île-de-France