I'm looking for a wine but I can't find it.

Either the wine was not selected this year or in previous years, or the winemaker did not present the wine at La Tulipe Rouge tastings.


How are the wines rated?

Blind of course! We have developed our own scoring system to avoid the pitfalls of metric scoring, which is insufficient for our taste buds. More details here


How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

By checking the box "I subscribe to the newsletter" on your account.


Why should I subscribe to the newsletter?

To be informed of the latest news on tastings, favorite estates and articles on history, technique and wine in general! To do so, check the box "I subscribe to the newsletter" on your account.


Who tastes the wines?

A team of professionals, experienced and passionate to discover here.


How to spot the wines "to avoid"?

Only the wines that have caught our attention are listed on the La Tulipe Rouge website. We do not publish anything about the wines we have not selected.


Why are there so few wines over 20 euros?

The 2021 and 2022 tastings were reserved exclusively for wines priced at less than 20 euros due to the large number of samples submitted for tasting. From 2023 onwards, all wines, without price limit, are accepted.


Why are there no wines from Alsace, Champagne and Jura?

These regions are open to tastings from 2023.